Bgrs Third Party Service Provider Agreement

8 D.12 I will give Table D.2 data on my invoices. Table D.2 Billing Requirements Required Information – TBS – RCMP Transferee s File Number x x Transferee s Name x x address for which services were provided x x x x x TPSP Name x x x x x x TPSP Address x x x x date x X if taxes were calculated x x total cost, x x x broken down by corresponding expense category x `BGRS` Provider The account tool will automatically fill out most of this information for and TBS invoices with data from your and your transfer profile. Suppliers must have the transfer file number to access the module. Third-party agreement – LAWYER/NOTARY – Page 8 Supplier contracts BGRS supplier contracts are a contract between you, the supplier and BGRS. Once you have entered into the supplier contract, you agree to provide relocation services for members and staff to or below the pre-negotiated rates within the parameters set out in the agreement. You can specify the areas you want to expect on your online profile. 10 Appendix 1: Notary Fee Appendix: 1. The maximum rate payable/applicable is the rate in effect at the time of GST provision (i.e. when booking the benefit).

(2) Service charges must not exceed the fees set for the corresponding contract, regardless of the size of the dwelling or property. 3. Fees include mileage and file management. 4. Lawyers/notaries can calculate the actual costs of buying and/or selling houses according to the scales below. These fees include all mortgage work (registration and degreasing) and searches for securities related to the transaction, without withdrawals. Table 1A Lawyer/Notary-Sales Plan causing fees: Fees for services provided by lawyers or local agents who make a transaction for the lawyer/notary in an area outside the area of the lawyer/notary, as stated under their profile, will not be refunded as a payment. A subcontracting lawyer/notary receives a combined fee for services and subcontracts that are not above the maximum price.

Province Alberta British Columbia New Brunswick Newfoundland – Labrador Northwest Territories Client IRP Extension 01 Dec 2016 to 31 Dec 2016 CF IRP Extension 01 Jan 201 7 to 30 Nov 2017 New contract RP 01 Dec 2017 to 30 Nov 2018 New TB and RCMP contracts 01 Jan 2017 to 31. Dec 2018 $375 $400 N/A RCMP $375 $305 N/A RCMP $375 $300 N/A RCMP $375 $350 400 N/A RCMP $350 $350 $400 N/A RCMP $350 $305 N/A RCMP 375 Tiers – LAWYER/NOTARY – Page 10 Registration is free and simple. Just click on the link below, complete your online profile and you`ll be about to expand your business to more than 20,000 customers a year. Make sure you choose your service space on your online profile to make sure you reach as many new customers as possible. 9 Lawyer/Notary Specific Terms and Conditions D.13 As a lawyer, I recognize and agree with: D.13.1 That I am a reputable member of the respective provincial bar. D.13.2 That I have at least two years of experience in real estate law. D.14 As a notary, I recognize and agree with: D.14.1 That I am a member of the applicable provincial society of notaries publicly such as the Quebec Chamber of Notaries or the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia. D.14.2 That I have at least two years of experience in real estate law. Lawyer/notary D.15 Under this agreement, the lawyer/notary provides the following services: D.15.1 Calculating the funds necessary for closure and advice from the purchaser at least seven business days in advance.

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