California Rental Agreement Security Deposit

An exception to prepaid money is an „application screening fee“ [or a similar name] for processing your application and verifying the credit quality that the owner may charge before registration. It is not a surety. Its purpose is to pay the processing fees of credit audit firms. It can`t be more than what the owner actually does, even more than $30 per applicant. If there are two tenants, it is $60. [Civil Code Section 1950.6] The deposit can be used for any use authorized by law, including to compensate the lessor for the landlord`s default, to repair damage to the premises (only due to normal wear) caused by residents, customers and other members of the household, to clean up the premises and remedy future defaults of residents in any obligations resulting from the tenancy agreement. , including the obligation to restore or restore personal property or appeasement, without ordinary wear and tear. When a tenant moves into a rented apartment, the tenant must take detailed photos showing the state of the rent and, in particular, any defects. The images should be taken up close with a neighborhood that serves as a metric and remote. In addition, the tenant must note any damage and report to the landlord by registration.

Keep a copy of your files with proof of shipping. You may have done what he broke and are still not responsible, unless you acted inappropriately. For example, a window so often painted that it sticks, more than the ordinary force to open it, and suddenly it sticks and opens quickly with a crack, and the pain of the window is now cracked. All you did was open the window. The fault is not your fault, and you are not responsible for this damage. Similarly, the faucet that stops in the hand of metal fatigue, or the drawer that separates if you simply open it, are not damages caused by you in the legal sense of the term. The legal term is „close“: where there is more than one reason for the damage, it belongs to the person responsible. If you acted in a normal and reasonable manner and there was damage, there is no reason why you should be held liable and lose part of your deposit. There is also no reason to reward the owner`s delayed maintenance. If the tenant makes a 30-day termination available to the landlord for eviction, the tenant must also require the landlord to inspect the rental unit two weeks before departure.

The purpose of the walk by inspection before the extract is to give the tenant the opportunity to repair all the conditions that may cause a deduction of the tenant`s deposit. For the recovery, replacement or return of personal property or appeasement, without customary wear if the lease has approved this use of the deposit. Under California bail laws, a landlord has 21 days at the end of a tenancy agreement to return the entire tenant`s deposit. If a landlord does not return the deposit within this time, he must send an email to the tenant or send it in person: If you have followed the above advice, you are already ahead of the game. However, you may not have thought about recharging your rights until you`ve already been stolen. You can now be at the stage where your landlord ignored you or sent you a letter with deductions from your deposit with or without a cover cheque. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to give the landlord 30 days` notice [which would be an eviction announcement if it came from the owner to you], which says not only that you are on vacation, but that the lease itself is TERMINATED.

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