Atticus Told Scout That A Compromise Is An Agreement

Scout considers her first day of school a dark failure, and compared to what she hoped for, that`s it. However, she learns a lot about the people inside and outside the classroom. In one day, Scout learns several important lessons, but most importantly, she gets her first intuition that things are not always what they seem. The art of compromise. Despite Atticus` burning questions about Scout`s first day of school, she doesn`t say much. Scout is desperate to stop reading at home, but hesitates to tell Atticus after the difficulties she has encountered all day. Atticus is very understanding and offers a compromise: „If you recognize the need to go to school, we will continue every night, as we have always done.“ Surprisingly, Atticus asks him to keep his agreement secret to Miss Caroline and introduces Scout into the idea of a white lie. Throughout history, Atticus acts as a peacemaker. Lee gives the reader a first glimpse of Atticus` thinking abilities and personal beliefs in his decision to compromise with Scout rather than confront or ignore Miss Caroline. In these two chapters, Lee Scout uses to help the reader better understand the Maycomb community and how it works. Meeting Scout`s classmates paves the way for meeting adult family members later in the book.

The children featured in these chapters are a microcosm of their families. For example, Walter Cunningham, like his father, is polite, self-destructive and not ready to accept charity. The reader also learns that the Ewells are an unasynished family. Burris Ewell shows the same character traits that make her father Bob Ewell so unsympathetic. Scout has taken Walter into the playground and begins beating him in retaliation for their embarrassment, but Jem stops them, then continues to surprise them by inviting Walter to lunch with them. Scout is then punished by Calpurnia for criticizing Walter`s table manners. Back at school, Miss Caroline has a confrontation with Burris Ewell about her „Cooties“ and the fact that he is only in school on the first day of the year. Scout`s teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher, is new to teaching, new to Maycomb and ashamed that Scout can already read and write.

When Miss Caroline walter Cunningham wants to lend money at noon, Scout is punished for taking the risk of explaining Miss Caroline`s missteps. .

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